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{why an HFOP puppy?}


Our puppies are raised in our home by our family.  Everyone is involved in the process, and we love what we do.  We have developed an educational program that starts at birth and continues until puppies leave our home.  We incorporate much of the Puppy Culture program, as well as other programs like Baxter and Bella and Bad Ass Breeders.  We keep our breeding program small to provide the best care for our pets and puppies that we can.  As you can see below, we put a lot of time into our pups, as well as love. 


Our puppy families come from all over the United States.  We can help arrange delivery to all major airports in the US via pet nanny service, or we can deliver to our airport for direct pickup.  

Cocoa (new name pending) is packing her

our program in action

Buying a puppy from an unknown breeder, sometime clear across the country, can be very risky and unsettling.  We understand this and hope to help alleviate that fear by providing access to us through social media, live videos, email, phone calls, whatever you need.

We also provide a service to our families, where they get to watch their puppy grow with us.  We like to include them in all puppy's firsts when we can.  

This is probably one of our puppy families' favorite services.  We provide weekly (sometimes almost daily) interaction with our families through pictures and videos on our private FB group, as well as on social media.  All comments and questions are welcomed through the process.  Families get to watch their puppy grow up, they get to watch our program in action, and in some cases get to come meet us in person.


continued support and training

Families will receive information, before bringing their puppy home, which includes continued vaccination schedule, training tips and our favorite products to have on hand when raising a new puppy.  

However, we know after all the research and preparing families do before bringing home their new puppy, there will still be questions and concerns. 

We work hard with these puppies in the short time they are here with us, and we believe if families continue with, or build upon, what we started here, they will have great success with their new little one. 

To help with the transition, we also offer our continued support after puppy goes home.  

For a supplemental online training course, we recommend BAXTER and Bella.  Use our access code HFOP to save an extra 25% off their lifetime member support.


health guarantee

Our puppies will go to their new families healthy and happy.  Each puppy will visit the vet at 6 weeks old for a complete physical exam before leaving our home.  They will receive their first set of shots, deworming regiment, and have a clean bill of health from the vet before leaving our care.  It will be the responsibility of the puppy buyer to visit their vet within 72 hours to certify the health of the puppy.  If it is determined by the vet the puppy was ill before purchase, we will offer a full refund. 


We also provide a 2-year health guarantee against all life threatening, inherited congenital defects and disease.


Please request a copy of our purchase agreement for all details. 


health testing and guarantee

The beauty of hybrid (designer) puppies, is they are less likely to inherit recessive genetic disorders that could run in either parents’ breed.  We aim to lesson those odds by doing health testing on our parents.  

We run breed-specific DNA genetic testing, as well as OFA testing on each of our parents, and we make sure all outside studs used have health testing as well. 

After all we can do to ensure we adopt out healthy puppies, we realize there is no guarantee against genetic diseases.  We want families to feel confident in their purchase of a healthy puppy, and we give a 2-year health guarantee against all life threatening, inherited congenital defects and disease.


early neurological stimulation

During the first 2 weeks of puppy’s life, we do Early Neurological Stimulation exercises.  The benefits of this include:

  1. Improved Cardio

  2. Stronger Heart Beats

  3. Stronger Adrenal Glands

  4. More Tolerance to Stress

  5. Greater Resistance to Disease


socialization and desensitization

Puppies are held and touched daily from birth.  Starting at 3 weeks of age, we introduce them to many different sounds, objects, people, environments, surfaces, and challenges to help them become well socialized and adjusted to the world around them.  We know this will help them be very happy and confident puppies.


potty training

When puppies begin toddling, they are ready to potty away from their bed, and we want to work with this instinct of keeping sleeping areas clean.  We add a pee pad to the whelping box, which they quickly learn to use.  When they begin weaning, we introduce a litter box to their puppy room.  Within a week or two, most (if not all) puppies will be a pro at using it, with very little accidents.  At 6 weeks of age, we start working on potty on command outside. When this training is continued at home, puppies learn their target potty areas much quicker.  


crate training

While puppies are young, we introduce open crates to the puppy room.  They learn to love this space and prefer to spend a lot of time there.  As they get older, puppies are crated in groups for short periods of time to help them get used to the crate as a confined environment.  Before they come home, puppies will spend time overnight in the crates, and usually by this time, they do not require potty breaks in the night.  Consistent and continued training in this area by their new family will speed up sleeping and potty training habits.       


basic commands and  leash/collar tolerance 

We believe a happy puppy (and family), is one who is taught obedience, and this can be started while still with us.  We work with them to be calm, to respond to the puppy, puppy, puppy call and to be tolerant of the leash.

These things will need to be consistently reinforced at home over time before they become completely learned behaviors.  But we know it will give both puppy and family a great start!

{what people are saying}

we are incredibly grateful for these thoughtful reviews left by our past puppy families

"Bonnie is the most sincere breeder. She takes good care of the puppies and their mommies! We are so in love with our puppy! Every aspect she has done to prepare her for has helped at home from playing classical calming music to getting used to the vacuum cleaner has been helpful! ❤️"

T. Lawrence-Family of Skye-ND

"I searched for months for a caring, responsible breeder that knew their stuff and had past litters of adorable dogs, and finally found hearts full of pups and Bonnie. It was a no brained after that. The entire adoption process was streamlined and easy and Bonnie worked with me every step of the way. I’ve had my baby boy Romeo for a month now and I’m in love! He’s sweet, playful, so so cute and has unique coloring. Bonnie still checks in on us to make sure things are going smoothly. Highly recommend!"

K. Jackson-Family of Romeo-CA

"Bonnie and her family are amazing. They really care about their puppies and where they go home to. We bought two puppies from Bonnie from separate litters. Both dogs came home trained to use the potty. Bonnie takes the time to start training g these little guys immediately. They are incredibly well adjusted, happy little guys. Bonnie also is great about communicating with you and keeping you up to date with pictures and information about the puppy as it grows. Definitely the place to go for a cavapoo. Our babies are happy, smart, and spoiled little pups. We continue to keep in touch with Bonnie since she was so special and constantly send updates to her. She is genuinely interested in seeing her babies and their forever families."

P. Castaneda-Family of Suri and Kai-FL

"We are totally in love with our puppy, Kona, that we received right before Christmas from HEARTS FULL OF PUPPIES. They did everything they said they would - taught our puppy to be litter box trained, socialized her with family members of all ages, helped her with desensitization, and provided us with the best puppy ever! HEARTS FULL OF PUPPIES was extremely easy to work with and provided us with daily photos. They are fantastic providers of Cavapoo puppies 🐶."

J. Parkinson-Family of Kona-NM

"We adopted our dog Rusty from Hearts Full of Puppies. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. I can't say enough positive things about this breed. He is so smart! He was very easy to potty train with the head start he was given by HFP. If you want a good natured companion for your family, a Cavapoo is the way to go! Can't wait to see how cute the next batch is." Ray

"The caring and compassionate service we recieved was Amazing! So happy with our dog "Rusty!" We love him to death! Giving a Shout out! to Bonnie & Robert for all their hard work that they put into their business to make sure your getting wonderful! Loveable dogs ! They had all the basic training done with him before he came home which was such a big help! (Most other breeders don't do this) they were so caring and understanding of our needs. They explained and answered all our questions that we had. It was still alot of hard work. . . Come on its a dog! It takes alot of training and alot of love! But we were raised to not be quitters! We continued with the training that Bonnie and Robert instructed us to do . . . And the end result was our reward! Alot of hard work, Love and patience will ALWAYS pay off. When ever we need a new addition to our family we will always go to "Hearts Full of Puppies!" 💞" Tina

T&R. Curtis-Family of Rusty-UT

"I met Bonnie when we adopted our sweet little cavapoo, Penny. We love Bonnie and Hearts Full of Puupies. I had spent hundreds of hours searching for the right breeder for our new addition to our family. When I met Bonnie in person, I knew right away she was amazing. I feel that I not only found a breeder but a new friend. She cares so much about her puppies, that they find good homes and that they continue to thrive once they are in your home. She is always happy to quickly answer any of my questions. And I have to say, our little Penny is the sweetest puppy on the block. Our entire neighborhood loves her. Even all my friends with big dogs! She is the perfect size, the perfect temperament and I’ve yet to see a hair on my floor. We are beyond happy with our decision to get a cavapoo and can’t imagine life without Penny!!"

M. Clark-Family of Penny-CA

"Firstly, I want to put this review in to context: I searched for the best part of year for a Cavapoo / Cavoodle breeder who I felt I could trust, who was bringing the best (temperament, health) pups into this world with the best intentions. I finally came across Bonnie and her family at Hearts Full of Puppies. Her program details on the site hooked me, and we were so lucky to adopt our darling Luca through her. He is the light of our lives, the sweetest most loving pup. And (very very biased opinion) the cutest puppers anyone has ever seen.

We've had our baby for almost 7 weeks now and Bonnie still keeps in touch and checks up on our darling pup. We feel so lucky on 2 fronts: that we found Luca (our pup) and that we found Bonnie and HFoP."

K. Shivani-Family of Luca-NY

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