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Purchase Price of Puppy

Because we believe every puppy we raise is incredible and smart with sound temperaments, we do not base our fee on size, coloring or markings. Below are our current fees. 

Goldendoodles $2900-$3500

Cavapoos $2900-$3900

Poodles $2900-$3500

Joining a Litter

Litters are posted when a breeding is planned.  Litter reservations are filled once the litter is one week old, and families will be placed on the litter list under the gender they prefer.  Reservation fee may be moved to another litter up until puppy picks at 6 weeks old.

Final Balance

Final balance will be due following vet check at 6 weeks old.  Exceptions will be made for those picking up puppy and paying with cash. 


Please understand that the timing of litters is uncontrolled, as well as a successful pregnancy. We are not able to control the timing of heat cycles. We also have the right to cancel a planned litter due to the best interest of the parents involved (the health of our parent dogs is paramount to having a litter). Heat cycles and timing are not guaranteed.


Also note, we cannot guarantee size, color, coat type, gender, etc. These things are outside of our control. We will provide you with our best estimates on size, color, coat types, etc, based on our experience with past litters, parents, etc. If you are set on a certain gender, color, etc, you may want to plan on a little longer wait time.

Reservation Fee

A $500 nonrefundable reservation fee will hold an available puppy, or secure your place on a current posted litter list.  Spots are filled in the order reservation fees are received

Reservation fee goes toward final purchase price of puppy.  Zelle and Venmo accepted. Breeder reserves the right to first pick of each litter.  

Puppy Picks

Puppy picks will be done at 5-6 weeks via video chat, usually on a Saturday morning.  Picks will happen in the order reservation fees were originally received.


Delivery plans will need to be made by the date of puppy picks.  We are happy to help arrange flight nanny service through our flight nanny.  We love the service and care they provide our puppies and puppy families.  Puppy flies in cabin with them.  The nanny will contact you to set up the flight and you will pay them directly.


Puppies will be ready for homes at 8 weeks old. We will do our best to accommodate all pickup and delivery times, however, if pickup/delivery is not done by 8 weeks old, a boarding/training fee of $25 per day will be applied. If you are unable to pick up puppy by 9 weeks old, it may be best to wait for a future litter.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to get to know us.  We love connecting responsible pet owners with our sweet puppies, and we love the connections we make through this process as well.  We have incredible puppy families who leave an everlasting imprint on our hearts.  Whether we place a puppy with you or not, we value the time you have taken to get to know us.  So, thank you again for your inquiries.

We take puppy family selection very seriously and we trust you do too.  We hope you’ve had the opportunity to peruse our website to learn more about our program.    

Please review the policies below and proceed to the client interest questionnaire here.  Upon approval, you will be emailed instructions for placing the reservation fee.  

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