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Waitlists now open for Fall/Winter Cavapoos, Golden Cavapoos, Poodles & Goldendoodle litters





Upcoming and current litters are listed in the dropdown menu under upcoming litter tab.  Please fill out our client interest questionnaire so we can help guide you to the best litter to meet your family's needs and timing. 


~golden cavapoos~
{Cavalier x Poodle with a touch of Gold (golden retriever)

~AKC mini poodles~


All puppies come 85% potty and crate trained, and most are sleeping through the night when they come home.  Their continued success will depend on your consistency with their current schedules, and in no time they will have it down in their new home as well.  They have been introduced to good manners, basic commands like sit to say please, potty on command, leashes and collars.  Our educational materials and lifetime support add an invaluable benefit to our families, especially for first time pet families.  Puppies have been very well socialized since birth with people and children of all ages.  We help coordinate flights with our flight nanny, where puppies are escorted, and fly in cabin with them until they reach you.